Are you a VIP fit soul boss?
#fitsoulbosses - women who are ready to be the bosses of their own bodies and lives. Women who want to manifest the body and life they desire and sets their souls on fire.  Women who are ready to elevate, expand and feel more energized and empowered. Women who love short intense home workouts and personal development who just need more support and accountability.

Fit Soul Bosses is a VIP sisterhood for those looking to make a bigger impact in the world with their work, improve their income, and build a fit healthy body in the process.

Are you ready to:
- Take care of your mind, body and soul in under 30 minutes a day LIVE with us twice a week high level accountability and coaching?
- Be part of a sisterhood that is all about bringing out the best version of ourselves in a judgement free environment?
- Feel more like YOU, living more in alignment of who you are and feeling more on purpose with your life?
- Increase your vibration, feel more confident and stronger emotionally, and manifest your dream life?
- Are you ready to create extraordinary transformations like never before?
- Are you ready to combine fitness with spiritual mindset practices in a fun new way?

If you want to ​tone up your body, ​​​​​​empower your mind, stay in shape and need high level advice and connection this is for you!  It's a sisterhood plus weekly coaching from us for the fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching.

Move, think and feel with intention to transform your life in under 30 minutes a day.
What you get:
1. Each month a 45-minute coaching call answering your questions, plus we chat about mindset to up-level yourself and break through fears and doubts.
During this coaching call we will answer any question you have. You can ask us anything. This call is where we dive deep into mindset. 
2. 8 Kick-Ass Group LIVE Training Sessions Per Month
Do LIVE real time workouts and soul work (meditation, visualization, gratitude practice, etc) with us twice a week each month for a total of 8 LIVE fit soul movement trainings. All done in under 30 minutes. The workouts are designed to be short, fun and effective. 

3. Downloadable recordings of all workouts! 
We understand that life happens. It can be messy and busy and that you won't always be able to make it to the live sessions. Not to worry! You still get to keep up with your training to one of the workout videos on your own that will be archived in the private Facebook group. 
4. Private Facebook Group with Sisterhood Community 

This is where you get to post your check-ins, ask questions, share insights or ah-ha moments, and ask for advice or support. That's not all, it's also set up for you to get extra inspiration, support, and accountability!
FULL ACCESS TO Purely Fit Life:
As a VIP Fit Soul Boss...

Not only do you get LIVE workouts, you get FULL access to our body and soul gym Purely Fit Life.

This includes:
Archived workouts, workout schedules, meal and diet tips, body love and self-love tips , wellness tips and more all housed inside the  private members area.

You access to the Private Facebook group and daily check-ins from us.

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Workout LIVE with the Lori and Michelle from and do SOUL work 8 times a month with us to create major life and body transformations to create a more powerful, confident you. The fierce women that's always been there. 
Join now to get a stronger, fitter, healthier body. Discover how to work out less to live more.